Lee Metaphysics Consulting
Phenomena at Work

Lee Metaphysics Consulting exists for only one reason, to help you in your life journey.


We address a broad spectrum of issues by enhancing the positive and reducing the negative qi of our client's environments.


Feng Shui has helped people in achieving good fortune for centuries. With the right applications, Feng Shui will have a positive enhancement to your life and your environment. It can support you in maximizing your potential for relationships, career success, business success, health, prosperity, and peace of mind.


Life is about experiencing, having a good career, good health, a nice family with lovely children, and a loving and supportive spouse. That is the basic wish for everyone. However, life is cruel and merciless. Accidents happened and innocent lives are lost. So many people are encountering relationship issues, unhappy marriages, difficulty in finding the right partner, difficulty in securing a good job, no career prospects, failure in businesses, etc. And they do not have solutions to these issues.


I asked myself why. What have they done to deserve that?


After years of learning, researching and experimenting, I finally understand the fundamentals governing our lives. Armed with my acquired ancient knowledge and skills, I try my best to assist people around me to better their lives, thriving towards their goals.